Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Jackpot at the Library

This past week we hit the jackpot once again at the library in our selection of books.

Be sure to check out if your library carries these titles:


Inside All (Sharing Nature with Children Book) by Margaret H. Mason and Holly Welch is a beautiful book, the writing, message and illustrations. It is a book about nature but more importantly it is a book that will teach your children that they belong to something that is very meaningful.

I Feel a Foot! by Maranke Rinck and Martijn Van Der Lindenis about a group of five animal buddies that wake up in the night to a mysterious sound! They find out that it is a large object making the sound so each of them go up to it and investigate. It is pitch black outside so they think they feel the object has the same characteristics as them. Of course it is something totally different…but you will have to check it out to see what it ends up being! The illustrations are so vivid because the background of each page is black which makes everything POP! This is a fantastic read!

Turtle’s Penguin Day by Valeri Gorbachevis a book about a little turtle that becomes so excited about penguins after his Dad reads him a penguin book at bedtime. He wakes up the next day, makes a penguin costume, grabs his book and heads off to school. His class is so thrilled that his teacher decides it is penguin day! A very cute book.

Scoot! by Cathryn Falwell

While their neighbors in the pond . . .
leap! lurch! scamper! and splash!

six silent turtles sit still as stones.

Will the turtles ever move?

Read this book and find out.

What are you waiting for?


(cute poem review I read at amazon.com)


Red Sled by Patricia Thomas and Chris L. Demarest will be a perfect book to pick up for the winter season. The book reminds you that all you need is a little fun to pick up your mood. The father in this story decides to take his “sad lad” out for some late night sledding, the perfect solution to change their mood.

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