Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—It’s Autumn-time!

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I want Autumn to last forever, I love the rainy days, I love the temperatures perfect for staying outside the whole day long. I love the apple picking and pumpkin crafting. I think even more than the Holidays themselves I love PREPARING for them, the feel of them arriving.

Last week during story time at our library the librarian read the best collection of Fall books and that is what I would like to share!

Here are some quick summaries that I have written:

Fall Is Not Easy by Marty Kelly

This rhyming story presents a problem a little tree is having with Fall. The other seasons are so easy but when it’s leaves begin to turn colors it feels the need to outdo itself with polka dots, turning its coloring to look like a hamburger and so on.

The Busy Little Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri

This story follows a stressed out little squirrel trying to collect his food for the winter. All of his friends try to invite him to play but this squirrel knows what he needs to be doing!

I Know It’s Autumn by Eileen Spinelli and Nancy Hayashi

I need to buy this book, Abby would love to have it at home. It follows a little girl, her Dad and dog around doing the things we love best about Autumn in a wonderful rhyming whimsical chorus.

Who Loves the Fall? by Bob Raczka and Judy Stead

This was my favorite book read, illustration wise, the drawings are so colorful and contain so much energy. This book to is in rhyme form and excitedly tells about everything to do with fall: what the animals do, how families prepare for the holidays, the different smells, jumping in the leaves and goes through some your child might not be so families with, corn-crop reapers, bonfire builders, “former caterpillars” (monarch butterflies), and “helicopters” (whirling maple keys).

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