Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—How to Catch a Fish written by John Frank illustrated by Peter Sylvada

How I Catch a Fish written by John Frank and illustrated by Peter Sylvada

Rarely I find a book where the author has done as beautiful of a job as the illustrator, or vice versa. But when two match it makes brilliant books, and this is one of them.

How To Catch a Fish is about just that and also the bond between a father and child. There is a poem about catching fish in many different waters: Hawaii, Tobago, Ireland, Nunavut, British Colombia, Japan, New York, California, Georgia, Florida, and New Caledonia.

Cover Image

Here is an exert:

“We slack our reels to free some line

and as I mull which rig to tie

a knowing wink espaces his eye

I make my choice of hook and weight

we fasten the, we set our bait

then raise our rods, set loose our lines,

above the ocean, way up high,

the two of us, my dad and I…..

and that is how to catch a fish.”

The next book I am going to check out is by he illustrator Peter Sylvada but I am having a hard time finding it, let me know if you do.

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