Tuesday: Weekly Book Review–Great American Artists for Kids by MaryAnn F. Kohl & Kim Solga

Great American Artists for Kids is a wonderful hands on learning tool for your children (and yourself!) that you need to have in your home. The book is bright, colorful and flows very well, every aspect of the book is top notch. It features great American artists from the colonial times to the present day.  Each section gives a brief biography and portrait of the artist. This wonderful book will encourage your kids to learn from doing because each featured artist goes along with an activity that represents a technique or material the artist used. Great American Artists for Kids will promote your child’s individual creativity and bring out their inner artist. This is the perfect addition to any parent, child, homeschooler or teacher’s library. I love the endless possibilities this book holds. My two girls will be able to explore, discover and  refresh their way of seeing and thinking with this book. It covers every age group in the book, for the youngsters there is “Young Child” boxes that have a more simple project to do with them. Be sure to pick up a copy of this book, click hereto purchase.

On Thursday for my weekly Importance of the Arts post I am going to post pictures of the first art project we did out of the book. Stay tuned!


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