Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Bringing Back Your Favorite Books from Your Childhood

Do you remember favorite books from your childhood? Here are two of mine.

Hey Al by Arthur Yorinks (Author), Richard Egielski (Illustrator)

The plot of Hey Al! is of a janitor who lives in a dingy apartment on Manhattan’s West Side with his dog Eddie. One day a large bird appears in their bathroom window and invites them to go on a journey to a place with no worries. It is paradise, waterfalls, food, butterflies, birds. Soon Al and Eddie start to tun into birds and escape back home.

This book teaches some important lessons: home is where the heart is and to be grateful for what you have.

Annie and the Mud Monsterby Dick Gackenbach

Annie was invited to a costume party where she was told to come dressed as a vegetable, and she decided to go as a potato. She gets her mom to help her make the costume and when they are finished making it Annie feels like something is missing. On her way to the party she hears a voice saying, ” I know what’s wrong with that potato, its the worst potato I’ve ever seen” Annie sees that the voice is coming from a mud muddle which starts to turn into a mud monster. Who tells Annie what is wrong with her costume…its not muddy enough. They dance in the mud puddle together and she makes her way to the party, feeling that her costume is now complete. When she gets to the party, no one appreciates how muddy she is as she drops mud onto the cake, into the punch and all over all the other vegetable dressed guests. They try to hose her off, but all become muddy themselves. The books ends with her Mom giving her a big kiss and helping her clean off all the mud. She is a little disappionted for not winning the best dressed vegetable but…”Then she gave me a big kiss, and that was better than any prize I could have won at any party.”

What are some of your favorite books from your childhood?

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