Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Ella the Elephant Series

Babar was one of my favorite book series and cartoon growing up. I have tried to get my girls into Babar but they really seem to love Ella the Elephant so much more.

I love Ella too! Her character is kind, obedient, a good friend, elegant, helpful, just an all around sweet-heart. The Ella the Elephant Series is written by Carmela D’amico (Author), Steve D’amico (Author), D’amico (Illustrator). My favorite book from the series is, Ella Sets the Stage, where Ella struggles to find what her talent is to present at the talent show. All of her friends seem to do something wonderful and she feels as if she can’t dance, sing or do anything special. She learns at the end of the story that all she does for her friends behind the scenes to help the talent show be a success IS her talent.

Every book in the series is fantastic, each with a wonderful message. The illustrations are beautiful, soft, even loving–almost grandma-like. A little old-fashioned feeling with lots of warmth.

Maybe my girls have switched me to love Ella more than Babar after all!

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