Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Bunches and Bunches

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We hit the jackpot these past two weeks at the library so I thought we’d share
Catching the Sun,written by Coleen M. Paratore and Illustrated by Peter Catalanotto

After just looking at the beautiful illustrations I didn’t care what the book was about I would have checked it out anyway BUT the story is beautiful as well. It tells the story of a pregnant mother very close to her due date having her last special outing with her son. The story and emotions are done softly, nothing to dramatic, the story is told beautifully.

The Alphabet Treeby Leo Lionni

I am still catching up on my Leo Lionni books, amazing how with how much my mother read to us and took us to the library that I missed out on his wonderful childrens books. He probably is my favorite children’s author of all time (or at least tied with Dr. Suess). The title of this book does not give it justice. The actual book is about LITERACY along with letters, sentances, paragrphas, etc. Beautiful book, this one is on our list for Christmas.

Rain Playby Cynthia Coten, Illustrated by Javaka Steptoe

Another book I picked up because of the original illustrations, it is a joyful rhyming poem about playing in the rain.

I Stink by Kate Mcmullan and Jim Mcmullan

I forgot about this book! The kids I nannied in Boston LOVED IT, because it was about a garbage truck (what kid isn’t fascinated by those), how it stinks and BURPS!! How could you go wrong with that?

Duck Dunksby Lynne Berry, Illustrated by Hiroe Nakata

We are still talking about our trip to the beach quite a bit in our house. The book follows 5 little duckies on all their adventurers at the beach. This is the perfect beach book to add to our collection. They also have published a Duck Skates for the wintertime, will have to check that one out!

Otis and Rae and The Grumbling Splunkby Laura and Leo Espinosa

Well…Abby picked out this book and LOVES IT! I don’t really understand why. The illustrations are a lot like the cartoon Wo Wo Wubzy (I don’t get that one either). Here is a little summary, “On a perfectly perfect summer day, best friends Otis and Rae decide to go camping—for the first time ever! Otis is content to set up his tent right away and spend the night eating PB&B (peanut butter and banana) sandwiches. But Rae wants to tell stories, scary stories, stories about GRUMBLING SPLUNKS! No need for Otis to worry. There’s no such thing as a grumbling splunk! Is there?”

And lastly

Tracesby Paula Fox, Illustrated by Karla Kuskin

Stunning book, really beautiful and original. I would love to get the illustrations into prints I can hang on our walls. “This lyric poem those faint glimpses of things that you see but don’t quite recognize, sounds you can almost hear, smells, tastes, feelings that can’t quite name. Each line of the poem and each picture in the book depicts the sensual essence of a child’s day, each of which are totally typical and thoroughly unique.”Perfect example of the relationship our children need to have with nature.

Have fun reading! Hope you enjoyed our picks!

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