Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Books to bring on the giggles

May 12th, 2009 in Tuesday: Weekly Book Review

All right, listen…I have problems. I started typing this post and couldn’t help but giggle–and all I was doing was typing! How old am I again? Oh, right, 26. I really need to get it together!

When I was a nanny to three kiddos the two older ones always asked me to read Everyone Poops (by Taro Gomi and Amanda Mayer Stinchecum) and we would fall over, hysterically laughing at the end of every page. The little boy would snort so loud and the little girl would turn all red with laughter. You know what else? I totally wasn’t faking for their benefit; I found it just as funny.

Which is why I want to send them the newest edition to this genre, The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts by Shinta Cho. The book is a simplistic explanation of human and animal flatulence. (Oh my goodness! Someone tell me why my writing about this makes me giggle. It must be the lack of sleep, right?) If you think your kids would get a good giggle out of this book, be sure to check it out!


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