Tuesday: Weekly Children’s Book Review—The Ups and Downs of Lauren Child

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charlie lola
With how much my daughter and I love love love Charlie and Lola by Lauren Child I was really surprised at how much I disliked her other book series.

Clarice Bean

The main reason I didn’t enjoy this book, the language. How it tried to be witty to parents and an older audience but fell flat. Listen, I don’t think every children’s book should be about roses, bunnies and friendship but I think this one went a little to far. If you would like your child to add new sayings and words to their vocabulary to call each other feel free to check it out. It was newly released as a paperback for target audiences of 8-11 so I wonder if I will change my mind by then but for now I am not a fan.

Even after this disappointment I am still a huge fan of Lauren Child’s other books and am looking forward to Pippi Longstocking coming in the mail!

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