Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Children’s Boutique’s Book Collections

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I have found that you find a different collection of books at the local library, bookstore and my favorite in a children’s boutique. They tend to have more of a unique selection of books in my opinion. Of course I never buy them at the boutique they are always overpriced so I run home and buy them on Amazon :)

Here are a couple that we found and love the last time we went to a children’s boutique:

The Littlest Dinosaur by Michael Foreman



Mother dinosaur is proud of her new baby, even though she is the littlest dinosaur anyone has ever seen. The littlest dinosaur can’t play with her older brothers and sisters for fear of getting stepped on, and she can’t venture near the mud flats for fear of falling in. The only thing she can do is sit high up on a hill—until one day, when she sees another dinosaur on another hill in the distance . . .
Award-winning author/illustrator Michael Foreman presents a celebration of friendship and being yourself that will appeal to all readers, whether little or big.


Ivy & Bean Chapter Books by by Annie Barrows and Sophie Blackall


In the tradition of Betsy and Tacy, Ginnie and Geneva, come two new friends, Ivy and Bean. Ivy has just moved in across the street from Bean, who wants no part of her. She thinks Ivy looks dull, always with her nose in a book. Bean, on the other hand, is a spark plug; she’s full of tricks, especially ones that can be played on her older sister, Nancy. But the day Bean pulls a trick that goes wrong and Ivy comes to her rescue, a friendship is born. The deliciousness here is in the details, with both girls drawn distinctly and with flair. Ivy, who at first seems to be a dud, has aspirations to being a witch, which is dangerously intriguing; Bean’s spunky way of talking and acting (there’s a classic moment when she wiggles her butt at Nancy) will make readers giggle. Even with all the text’s strong points, what takes the book to a higher level is Blackall’s artwork, which captures the girls’ spirit.  Ilene Cooper
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Freckleface Strawberry Julianne Moore, LeUyen Pham

Yes I know, a celebrity author BUT it really is good :) It celebrates and shows the difficulty of accepting our own and other’s physical differences. “Because after all, the things that make you different also make you YOU.”

What books have you found?

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