Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Rookie Biographies

“That will be so great when she is older.” “I bet she will love that in a few years.” “I cannot wait until she is old enough to that kind of stuff.”

I got sick of hearing and saying that stuff with my oldest daughter and threw those rules out of the window.

I try just about anything with my kids and get laughed at a lot. Sometimes the ideas crash and burn but you know what lots of times they soar. I try really hard to not keep the activities I do with my daughters, books I read them, places we go into the stereotypical “age requirements.”

The latest thing I was teased about :) Reading Biographies to my girls and you know what they love them.

Rookie Biographies

Scholastic has a line of Rookie Biographies, 30 in all. They are short, fact packed and interesting reads. What a great foundation to helping your children learn to love reading biographies.

The first two we started with were (click to purchase through Amazon):


You can buy the complete set by clicking here or buy directly through Scholastic.

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