To Do Daily: Imagine

July 2nd, 2010 in Beauty in Everyday, Life
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Every day is a new adventure in our home.  We do many things that are not grand tasks, but just as important daily whims that need to be put on the to-do list and checked off. Whims from our imaginations that make the day, in deed, very grand.
Spending the whole morning imagining we are fancy southern ladies, complete with old fashioned hats and checkered dresses. Every sentence for a few hours beginning with, “Darling, I do declare,” as we walk oh-so daintily around the kitchen counter.
Blasting the Monster Mash while dressed to the nines in our witch wardrobes from a few too many Halloweens ago. We move the ottoman to the center of the room so we can prance around it while cackling and throwing the most atrocious items we can think of into our “witches brew.”
Hiking up the mountains on a mission to build a fairy house in an old stump. Just knowing that when dusk comes the fairies will be delighted with our hard work.
Sitting on the front steps putting on the brightest & sparkliest fingernail polish as fast as we can before the school bus drops off the neighborhood children. That way, as they walk by and we wave to them they will think, “Who are those beautiful princesses?”
Our days are full of vitally important to-do items like these. Will my children remember?  Maybe so and maybe not. But the feelings I get while watching their imaginations fly is something I know I, as their mother, will never forget.

As Peter Pan said, “All you need is trust and a little bit of pixie dust!” I feel so special to be able to give them that pixie dust to let their imaginations grow.

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