“Tiny and Hercules” by Amy Schwartz

October 2nd, 2009 in Tuesday: Weekly Book Review

You need to check this one out from the library this week- Tiny and Hercules by Amy Schwartz.

My biggest complaint with kid’s books (and adult books for that matter) is that they tend to tie up every loose end.  They complete the story to such a T that there is no room left to think or imagine or come to your own conclusions!

This children’s book is fantastic because it ends the story with a PICTURE to let you determine in your mind what it means and what resolution they came to.


It follow two best friends, Tiny the elephant and Hercules the mouse. They help each other out with their problems, like being uninspired for a painting in art class or not being able to learn how to ice skate in time for a birthday party.

This book is SO clever.  Could it be my top pick for the whole year? I think so. Tiny and Hercules by Amy Schwartz.  Let me know what you think!



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