Thursday’s Everyday Beauty

November 5th, 2009 in Beauty in Everyday


Warm oversized shoes.

I am grateful for the warm oversized shoes in my home, which are owned by my husband.

He is a busy guy. Everyone is busy.  Every husband is busy. I know this. I also know that his busy is at a whole new level. It is hard for me. This is why I have to remember what I love and how I am, in fact, very lucky.  This helps me to be a nice wife.

I love that if something was to go wrong I have someone to call.

I love that his face lights up when he finally gets to hug and kiss his girls.

I love that he lets the girls stay up WAY past their bedtimes so they can be together.

I love that home is his favorite place to be and that he is working towards being able to be here a lot more.

I love that he has made his and our dreams come true.

I love what having two kids has done to him.

I love that he is the PERFECT dad for two little girls.

When we were dating, I saw how much he loved his niece and nephew.  I think that’s what really got me.

(that and his pure awesomeness)

I knew that if he loved Jacob and Nicole that much, our future kids would be a very lucky bunch.

And they are.


What do YOU find Everyday Beauty in on Thursdays?


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