Thursday: The Importance of The Arts—Our First Art Day Outing

I hosted our first Art Day Outing a few weeks ago and it was such fun! In Salt Lake City they have these amazing murals painted by the 377 Project Artists.

The project is called the Urban Gallery and it can still be seen at Neighborhood House (1050 W. 500 S.), but not for much longer. On June 12th and 13th, 2009, ten of Salt Lake City’s best artists will each be given a garage door and 18 hours to repaint it. The audience will pick one artist to win a $1000.00 prize!

“Altogether, it was one of the most exciting nights of art we’ve experienced, and we’ve put a good many miles into the monthly gallery stroll. Once again the 337 Project has delved into Salt Lake’s underground creativity and brought up gems most of us didn’t even know were there.”–Salt Lake Magazine

If you are in the Utah area hurry and stop by to check it out, if not find out if there is something like this in your area and bring some friends along!

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