Thursday: The Importance of the Arts—Music and Movement

I found this articleon The Out-of-Sync Child website about preschoolers and music and movement. They share experiences of how music and movement help children with special needs but I believe the following is true for ALL children.

1) Music and movement allow children to use their imaginations.

2) Music and movement awaken children’s brains.

3) Music and movement allow children to be in control.

4) Music and movement strengthen children’s problem-solving and motor-planning skills.

Passionate about the importance of teaching children music and movement? There is an association you can join called Early Childhood Music & Movement that has chapters around the country.

“Educators are now becoming more aware of the benefits of a quality music and movement program because of increased studies. Researchers have found that music and movement programs have a positive impact on child development for children between birth and their primary school years in many of the developmental domains. Singing songs to children and with them will teach them about beat, tones, and lyrics which are all important in developing auditory discrimination. The use of instruments will promote fine motor development and encourage creative development. Creative movement helps children learn many concepts such as balance, coordination, rhythm, and is also an important tool for developing self-esteem and body awareness and the own development of the child itself.”

Watch this quick video from Expert Village on “How to Teach School Fundamentals at Home

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