Thursday: The Importance of The Arts–Art Group #5

Winter is over (well, kinda) and we are starting art group again. I decided an hour before it began I could take two 18-month-olds and a three-year-old to Costco and return in time. I was running around like a crazy lady and became all frazzled. Not a good thing to do before art group, and to top it off, it was freezing! So this might not have been the best art group ever but it was still a lot of fun.

I have wanted to try “salt painting” for a while and bought enough salt at Costco to do this project a billion more times! The girls really loved mixing together their own paint,–that was probably the highlight of the whole morning.


Salt Paint Recipe

1/4 cup of water

1/8 cup of salt

1/8 cup of tempura paint

Mix together and paint away!


When the paint dries it has a crystallized effect.


Professional painters often use salt on a wet watercolor painting for a similar crystallized effect. They may use the crystals to depict frost, snowflakes or simply add interest to the painting. When the painting is completely dry they gently brush the salt crystals away with their hands. Salt painting is a wonderful art project for beginner and professional painters alike!


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