Thursday: Importance of the Arts—Singing with your Children

Singing With Your Children

My daughter sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for the first time this week with no help. It almost made me cry, Ok you got me…maybe it did, but just a little :) It is definitely going down in her baby book. She loves to sing, usually we sing while we make our beds with the CD blaring as loud as it can go, we dance and sing along to whoever we are listening to. We sing a lot at lunch time, usually silly songs because lunch time is usually a grumpy time in the house. And we always sing calm songs right before bedtime.

Singing can calm her, make her feel silly, happy, and loved.

Music can have a powerful effect on toddlers’ moods:It can distract them, amuse them, pacify them, and even get them to cooperate. Singing can also be one of a parent’s best tools for distraction. Have a grumpy child in the car? Make up a silly song about the things you see around you while you drive. Children bickering at each-other? Make up a silly song to get them to laugh, with or at you :) And the magic of the Clean Up song, amazing.

Songs can play a huge role in learning. Right now we are using songs to learn the sounds of each letter. You could make up a song to go along with almost anything you are teaching them.

And most importantly singing songs together is a great bonding experience for you and your little one.

*Try to incorporate some signing into your singing!

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