Thursday: Importance of the Arts—Nature at Night

Nature at Night  

I grew up with a planetarium in my Elementary School (I know how cool is that) and grew to love star gazing, planets, constellations and the stories that went along with them.

Nature at Night, what a beautiful form of art.



My two kids are to young right now to stay up late enough for star gazing and the drive to get to a clear sky out farther away from any big city. But I am looking forward to doing it with them someday.

Here are some websites to help your star gazing night be even more interesting.

Kids Astronomy

About Space and Astronomy


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Star Journey National Geographic

Sky and Telescope

Jack Horkheimer-Star Gazer

Earth and Sky


For now we will have to stick with cloud gazing, which is ALMOST as good.


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