Thursday: Importance of the Arts—Music: Jack Johnson & Laurie Berkner

Thursday: Importance of The Arts

Jack Johnson‘s Curious George Soundtrack

Don’t you love when you find new artists? If you have discovered them a later in their career you get to run to the store and get a few of their albums. Jack Johnson is my new favorite artist, has been for about 2 years. Through him I have found Matt Costa and Ben Harper, such beautiful lyrics and messages.

My sister let me borrow the Curious George soundtrack, I put it in my ipod and gave it a try in the car. Over time I soon realized that it would automatically calm my screaming 3 month old in the car. She would scream so loud, I would have to stop a few times to calm her trying to go anywhere. Soccer carpool was a nightmare, I can say all 6 of us were in awe when we figured out how calming this music was to her. It was automatic, as soon as I would turn on the first song, she would calm down. Soccer carpool was no longer something I dreaded. Best of all, it is a CD I can play in the car and the whole family enjoys, including my husband. It is the only “kid music” he can deal with.

A couple months later I found the Laurie Berkner band through www.noggin.comI purchased the DVD full of music videos. It was the only time my one year old would sit still,clapping and giggling. Buzz Buzz was her favorite for quite awhile, and would calm her when she was grumpy. Laurie and her band have numerous CDs all of which we have a favorite song in the different albums.

Laurie Berkner

My brand new baby has her own song, My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music. After one line, she calms down and is all ears.

We enjoy music so much in my home, it is something that can entertain and calm everyone, and I don’t feel guilty because its not another television show.

Comment on the music your children enjoy!

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