Thursday: Importance of the Arts—Importance of Music Lessons

 Importance of Music Lessons  

Check out if you are interested or have your child enrolled in piano lessons.

Pros for having your child involved in music lessons: 

1. Young children taking music lessons have a greater ability to grasp concepts that are also essential to math and science.

2. Coordination and concentration are improved from taking lessons. 

3. It gives your child a sense of accomplishment and a desire to learn more.

4. The feelings of pride can improve their confidence in other parts of your child’s life.

Music tips for parents (found from
  1. Introduce infants to music by singing them lullabies and nursery rhymes. Help younger children relate to music by asking about the sounds they hear. Does that drum sound happy or sad? Would an elephant sound like that high flute, or that deep bassoon?
  2. Continue to encourage a love for music by listening to songs your children learn from TV shows, musical tapes, and songs they make up.
  3. Look into a wide variety of musical toys and cassettes of songs that are available for children.
  4. Take your family to performances at local schools, universities, and community events. ‘Tis the season!
  5. If you and your child decide on music lessons, look for a teacher who has a good rapport with children.
  6. Talk to other parents whose children take lessons for suggestions, or consult with the music teacher at your child’s school. (And if your community has cut out music instruction, you may want to bring the importance of music to the attention of the school board!) Keep your child’s personality in mind, too. A gregarious child might enjoy singing with a choir or playing with a band more than the solitude of clarinet lessons.
  7. If you’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano yourself, take some lessons! Show your child that it takes time and practice to master a new skill. Just make sure not to turn this into a competition.
  8. Encourage your child by asking her to play for you.
  9. Compliment his efforts and progress, but keep in mind that few musicians become stars overnight.
  10. Try to provide a quiet place and a regular time for practice.
  11. Never use music practice as punishment!

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