Thursday: Importance of the Arts—Bread and Butter

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Yes Bread and Butter can be an art form, cooking is the biggest art form in our home.

I bought this beautiful cookbook called The River Cottage Family Cookbook and it has quickly become my new favorite cookbook. The pictures are beautiful, recipes are written with love and it explains in the perfect way why you should do things certain ways.

I have NEVER not EVER made a good loaf of bread until following their directions and recipe. The recipe? No way you have to buy the book :)The girls loved helping me with this cooking task.
But even more they loved helping me make homemade butter and had to try licks throughout the process. TO learn how to make your own butter, click here. Get ready for some shaking!

Mmmm Homemade Bread, Homemade Butter, Homemade Peach Jam from Grandma and Delicious Honey.

What could be better I ask?

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