Thursday: Importance of the Arts—Appreciating Nature

Appreciating Nature

Do you have beautiful park, canyon, field in your area where you can bring your children to see the beauty of nature?

We have the Thanksgiving Point gardens near us that include 55 acres of beautiful gardens. They have 10 separate gardens with different themes and types of flowers (The Grand Allee, Creek Garden, Rose Garden, Monet Garden, Vista Garden, Fragrance Garden, Secret Garden, Italian Garden, Butterfly Garden, and Parterre Garden.)

They also have the largest man made waterfalls in North American in their waterfall gardens. My daughter loved the sound of the waterfalls and could even walk to the back of the waterfalls and fit her hand in the holes in the wall to feel the water.

They recently have added on their Children Discovery Gardens that include caves, statues of different animals, a big Noah’s Ark fountain, a maze made out of different bushes and smaller waterfalls.


After taking your children to a place like this it would be a great platform to teach them about taking care of their environment and preserving its beauty.

Aren’t you glad its spring!?!


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