Thursday: The Importance of the Arts—Monet to Picasso with the girls

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The Utah Museum of Fine Arts (located on the U of U campus) has a once in a lifetime exhibit right now.

 Monet to Picasso from the Cleveland Museum of Art will be available to see from June 23, 2008 – September 21, 2008. The show features 100 years of European masterworks and the UMFA is privileged to be among only four North American venues selected to host this marquee international touring exhibition. The works on display in this show have never been to Utah before and who knows when they will be again, if ever. Click here for more information and prices.

Cameras were not permitted in this exhibit so here is a snapshot of Sarah (my little sister) and the girls outside.


Abby enjoyed the “telephone” she got to hold and listen to. They had recordings at many of the pieces and even had a family tour recorded that Abby loved listening too.

Here were the paintings that caught us that day (these copies of the paintings are almost…I almost didn’t want to put them up):

Pine Tree | 1982.124

Abby loved the Pine Tree by Giovanni Segantini

The Road to Nantes | 1958.17

I for some reason was drawn to this, The Road to Nantes by Pierre Bonnard

Study for

Sarah said this was the one she enjoyed the most, Study for Bathers at Asnieres by Georges Seurat

If you are in the area, make the trip.

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