Thursday: The Importance of the Arts—Paper Mobile and Calder

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For our second art lesson we learned about Alexander Calder, sometimes the artist known for his “mobiles” along with many other things. I explained to Abby that Calder thought of a new way to sculpt, by bending and twisted wire to “draw” his figures in space.

Of course bending, twisting and cutting metal wires with a toddler would not be a smart idea so we decided to bend and twist paper to make our mobile.

While we were at the craft store earlier in the week I let my daughter Abby pick out the colors and designs of card-stock that caught her eye.

Abby and I traced weird shapes on paper and I cut them out.

Then we cut small (1 inch) slits on each paper of cardstock on each piece where I wanted to attach them together (I did this as we assembled it).

I hung the first piece on a string attached to the ceilings so it would be easier to assemble. I did end up having to use a little tape. Here is a picture of our masterpiece from the bottom, we have it hanging over our art table and it is fun to look at everyday!

You can take tour of Calder’s work here.

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