Thoughts on Dad by Vanessa

June 29th, 2010 in About Me

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I feel like the happy moments I remember with my dad during my childhood have taught me a very important lesson on how to interact with my own children.

Let me try to explain by sharing my favorite moments with my dad while growing up. When I think of happy moments in my childhood these are the ones that are the most vibrant and clear as day in my mind:

Trudging through the mud in the middle of the Maryland woods, our fishing polls thrown over our backs on an adventure for the newest and hopefully most rewarding fishing hole.

Climbing up the huge hill out in the cow fields, sailing down the hill on our sled and screaming our lungs out.

Being told by my dad on my birthday that we were going to Home Depot to celebrate with a hot dog and baked beans dinner waiting for us at home. Followed by him slamming on the brakes, flipping that old van around and saying, “GOTCHA!  WE ARE GOING TO CHUCKIE CHEEEESE!”

Karate Kicks underwater at the neighborhood pool. Swimming on Dad’s back through the deep end and watching Dad dive off the diving board.

Going out to the movies & Pizza Hut on a date with my dad because I didn’t get asked to prom…oh and yeah it was my BIRTHDAY. And him not minding that I sulked the whole time.

Boating, being pulled on the tube behind the boat with our dad driving like a maniac…boy was it FUN, though.

Working all day long knocking down trees to landscape the front yard and then lighting it on fire for the hugest bonfire ever.

Spending Saturday mornings with our dad working…working HARD to be followed by a nice lunch, a shower and then getting ready to PLAY HARD.

Doing baptisims for the dead in the temple with my daddy.

Hometeaching in some scary places back east with my dad by my side.

Bawling my eyes out when we had to take him to the airport for his long business trips.

Singing “You take a lime and a coconut, you mix it all together…” at the top of our lungs on long car drives.

Serving others with our dad.  Cleaning up after floods, painting over graffiti at a school or helping do other’s yardwork.

What are the happy times I remember with my Dad?  When he was WITH us, when we were working hard, serving hard or playing hard….together.

I don’t remember presents he bought us (sorry!), I don’t remember all of the lectures he gave us (double sorry!) and I don’t remember all the things others do in the family.

But I think the happy things I remember are the most important things.

That our dad LOVED being with us.

Those are my favorite thoughts about my father and these things have taught me that those times are going to be some of the most important times that my husband and I will have with our kids.

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