April 16th, 2010 in About Me

I have weeks…sometimes even months during parts of the year where I feel ever so very tired. Twice I have been diagnosed with this, and when combined with this it never works well.

Whatever THIS is. Who knows?  I am not even sure they know. I am on a long, long list for a 3rd opinion. I just go through phases where I don’t feel so wonderful. It’s hard to not have people understand and to feel like a walking zombie for phases of time.

All I know is THIS is what sometimes keeps me barely plugging along or feeling almost normal or having a really fabulous day.

THIS woman reminds me that being a mother is something I never want to let go of.

Keeping busy with my newest church calling makes me excited.

Sweet texts, messages and emails from friends make me smile.

When Mom #1 tells me I am doing a good job as a mama or when Mom #2 sends me a note in the mail, it makes me feel special.

Doing super important things like playing Barbies, going on walks and cuddling makes my heart feel warm.

When my husband calls me just to talk and I can tell in his voice he misses home.

Remembering my grandma sing “There is Sunshine In My Soul Today.”

Knowing that He loves me.

THIS helps counteract THAT and then I feel much better.

Am I making any sense? I have been a bit tired for...ahh forever ;)


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