This is Why You Don’t Tailgate

May 27th, 2010 in About Me

Kalli wrote a post the other day that reminded myself of a certain day…about 3 years ago where I, a very large pregnant woman, completely snapped in the middle of Alpine Highway.

Three years ago I had a 16 month old, was 9 months pregnant and was working as a house cleaner, part time nanny and taking care of my grandmother who was dying from Alzheimer’s. Wait…let’s just go over that 9 months pregnant part again. I have huge babies.  I have never gained more than 30 lbs with each pregnancy but my belly gets amazingly large….basically because there is a 6 month old living in there. People would look at me during my last two months of pregnancy and GIVE ME APOLOGIES. Everyone who told me I looked great is a big fat liar. Ok fine.  The big fat part was me, not you.

I was tired.  I had just *tried* (turns out this was the last time I took my grandmother out) to take my grandma to the local candy shop…while 9 months pregnant and toting a 16 month old. My grandma and Abby were grabbing everything in sight, would not listen to me and it was a disaster. I lured them back to the car with ice cream cones.

Then…a poor soul in a big truck started tailgating me on Alpine Highway. Tailgating me, flailing his arms around, swerving from one side to the other to…actually I don’t know what…why do they do that, what are they going to see in front of me…more cars? He actually was about five cars behind me to begin with and had annoyed people so much they had pulled over for him.

But not me. I was tired and grumpy and going 5 miles over the speed limit.  I didn’t care if he had another 9 month preggo woman in his car who was giving birth. I wasn’t moving out of the way for him. My grandma was freaking out, my toddler was screaming and I started having braxton hicks contractions.

And then I snapped. When I got to the stoplight he actually stopped and pushed me forward with his big truck. That was it. I flung open the door to my car with my grandmother and baby screaming, fighting off the contraction, stomped my huge self over to that man’s stupid big red tailgating truck and ordered him to roll down his window. As I pointed my finger at him I proceeded to tell him that he was NEVER to do that to me or anyone else on the road again.

His face turned white, he looked geniunley scared and said very quietly, “I don’t think this is safe.  You really should get back in your car.” 

Oh to have a picture of that day…does anyone have a picture of a snapshot on their camera’s cellphone from three years ago of a crazy pregnant lady flailing her arms about in the middle of Alpine Highway?

Yep that’s me.

Don’t mess with 9 month preggo ladies, their Alzheimer’s grandma and screaming toddlers on Alpine Highway.

Just FYI.

P.S. The non pregnant me knows that this was extremely dangerous to do…what can I say?

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