This is the way we go to the rodeo…

December 12th, 2012 in Our Travels Worldwide

We met this American when we went to the wrong branch our first week here, he said that he part owned a “Dude-ranch” near where we lived. He invited us to come on down on a Saturday to see the action. A couple of weeks later we finally did and when we got there, they were auctioning off the animals. Have you even been to an auction? Well have you ever been to an auction in Spanish? I have no idea what was happening or what anyone was saying. All I know is that suddenly I saw Tyler, Abby, and Shae up in the auctioneer’s area chatting away with people.

Poki and I were fine on the ground away from the action, along with Reagan we went to go look at all the animals. Although Cameron (Poki) decided that the cattle were going to bust through the metal gates to “get her” so the fun ended. I spent the rest of the time guiding her away from all the cattle (everywhere, they were everywhere, why didn’t I just go get in the car) while she was screaming.

Sometimes that kid is hard.

A woman had brought a trampoline and she was trying to earn money by charging kids to jump on it. I didn’t have any change with me so we sat down to listen to a live band. This picture makes me laugh because this little boy is just used to being bored while his mama helps the band, hops up to sing a song, sits back down again to play an instrument. All the while he was just sitting there bored out of his mind with all that was happening around him!

Costa Rica is dangerous for me, all the little boys out here are so cute! And I don’t need any more kids so they’d better cut it out.

Finally Tyler came down with Abby and Shae and we got some free dinner. I was pretty sure I was eating a part of cow that I didn’t really want to be eating. But I was starving–side note–I have been starving since I got here. (No mom I am not drinking the milk, yes even the chocolate milk, I can’t, I just can’t). So down the weird cow part went with some warm powerade.

I was beginning to think that the trip had been a mistake for everyone but Tyler who got to chat for awhile with the owners. But then the bull riding began! All the men and boys climbed up on the fence to get a good seat. Doesn’t that sound safe? A couple teenage boys strutted their stuff in the ring doing who knows what. Then a drunk weathered looking man starting dancing (he was actually a really really good dancer) in the middle of the ring.

Look how grand of a time everyone was having before the action began:

Drunk guy:

Finally the bull rider came out and the cowboy to lasso him!

It was a cool thing to see. Worth it even with Cameron’s screaming. I don’t think I will go again but it was interesting to see a Costa Rican rodeo. I have to say they are extremely unorganized and the mother in me wanted to smack everyone in charge. So when a huge truck came screeching down the hill with a bed full (I mean full, layers upon layers) of beer. I knew it was time for us to say Adiós!


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