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January 7th, 2013 in Our Travels Worldwide

I couldn’t think of a better word than things. But here is a glimpse into a little bit of our Costa Rican lives during the week.

There was one place to sign up the girls for dance, so we weren’t picky and signed them right up. It is a ballet class but I peek in and see them doing mariachi dancing and hula dancing all the time. Abby graduated to the 7-13 year old class this week and Cameron is in the 4-6 year old class. Here is a quick peak of them heading into class one day:

The babies still spend a lot of time, well, sleeping. Finding a crib out here was a difficult task, finding a pack and play, very easy. So Tyler found a town known for their furniture making and asked them to whip us up two cribs. They are just beautiful, here is one of them that has a bit darker stain than the other:

This is a sneak peak into Ty’s office. His office is really the poolhouse although it hot and muggy in there unless you want to use more power by turning on the AC. (Don’t worry Moms and Dads we have a downstairs bedroom we put visitors in. With two beds, see I know you all so well, I can tell what you are thinking!) So I will find Tyler just sitting by the pool with his pals Honey and Rocco working away.

When having the dream to move here we also had it as a goal to work on our HOBBIES. Hobbies? What is that? My husband never had time for that. But he has always wanted to surf regularly, learn jiu jitsu, and also learn Portuguese. I am so proud of him that he is currently involved in all three. Here is the surf board I ordered him to buy as soon as getting to Costa Rica:

I find enjoyment in very small things because right now I am trying to still get ahold of having four kids. Every Friday morning I have the same snack at the Feria. Ginger cookies made by a Amish community that comes out. And freshly squeezed pineapple orange juice. Divine.

Just a few of our little things during the week!

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