Third Annual Willden “End of Harvest Dinner”

August 17th, 2013 in About Me, Parties

Tyler is grounded for not smiling in family pictures, grounded.

The same night my sister & her family sped back to California we had our annual End of Harvest Dinner. Usually they are a combination of some kind of cooking contest and something silly. One year I know we did a talent show where my brother in law licked rocks. For some reason that is all I can remember of that year.

This year my SISTER (hallelujah, Laura next year it is your turn) took over the planning and putting things together. That felt nice, real nice. Actually I could always be in charge until 5 minutes before and let someone else run it. I can sign up for that every year.

So this year it was a grilled pizza cook off with some Minute to Win It games. Minute to Win It games were made for family get togethers, I’m sure of it.

Laura, you are so purtey. 

My siblings and mom thought of some really great flavors for the grilled pizzas. I asked them to give me a quick run down on how to make their pizzas.

Top left corner: Vanessa’s BBQ Chicken Pizza; my secret is to mix the BBQ sauce with some duck sauce, Monterrey jack & gouda cheese, red peppers, red onions, chicken with a ranch seasoning, and then cilantro sprinkled on top of the baked pizza.

Top right corner: Bryan’s Pizza; tomatillo, cilantro, garlic and poblano pepper sauce, mozzarella, grilled cactus, al pastor sausage, roasted tomatoes

Middle: My mom’s fresh garden pizza, she used fresh grape tomatoes in this recipe instead of whatever other tomato thing it calls for, recipe found here.

Bottom left corner: THE WINNER! My oh my was this good, Apple Bacon and Gouda Pizza, recipe found here.

Bottom right corner: Sarah’s Cafe Rio Pizza (seriously it tastes like a cafe rio salad pizza, such a cool thing!) Marinate the cooked pulled chicken in lime juice and fresh diced chili, fresh sliced grape tomatoes, small amount of mozzarella cheese, and cafe rio dressing (recipes all over the internet) drizzled more on the heavy side on top

Laura & Winston were the winners, second year in a row! I need to up my game. Usually I am in charge, my 4 kids running around tire me out, and I don’t put in the full effort. Well someone has to knock them down from their reign, so it is ON next year! HEAD TO HEAD! My mom was at the bottom of the voting poll with her pizza, it made me laugh so I had to snap a picture.

WE MISSED YOU JONATHAN! 9 more months and he is back from Nicaragua. Such a fun night, thanks guys!

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