Things I’ve Loved this past little while…

April 8th, 2014 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Braids. I wish I could do them on myself and for the girls. I can do pigtail braids and that is about it. But they are so perfectly pretty.

Shae went to her first real “friend party” and she was so excited. Can you tell in the picture? I bet she was really quiet when she went. But she was talking about it all day long when she got back home. Man I love her.

Poor dogs, they are tempted all day every day. I bet in Honey and Rocco’s dreams they fantasize about just breaking all rules and attacking all food that people tease them with. Also, everyone in my house loves that Pirate Booty stuff. I have never liked it. But ever since one of them threw it up, the smell of it makes me gak.

We stood in a very long line for a very long time to meet the author of Fablehaven. I told the girls on the way there that their daddy had trained his dog. Daddy scored quite a few cool points in their mind that day. Brandon Mull is also a pretty nice guy.

I hosted a neighborhood girls game night. Just a really easy one. I made some flavored waters and flavored popcorn. I think it was 8 years ago that I watched the Michael Chiarello neighborhood movie night episode. He made three different flavored popcorns to serve. I have had that in the back of my TO TRY file in my head for 9 years! I finally did it and I love how it turned out. That with some fruit and vegetables made for a pretty healthy girls night out! Here are the links to his recipes:

Basil-Parmesan Flavored Popcorn Recipe 

Chocolate-Orange Brown Butter Flavored Popcorn

Brown Butter, Rosemary, and Lemon Popcorn Recipe

Lastly…I love how easy it has become to take pictures of my children!! So easy, can’t you see?

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