Things I…OK, Maybe I Didn’t LOVE This Week

January 16th, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

This week has been… uh… interesting? That cannot be the right word. But I am too worn out to think of anything else.

Earlier in the week I had plans to make fresh beans (from dried beans, you know) and on the way out of the house to the girls’ dance class (which lasts two hours) I unknowingly turned UP the simmering beans instead of turning them off. When I came home my house was full of smoke and the beans had turned to ASH. I thought it would be ok. You know — baking soda the carpets, air out the house, deep clean the tile on my hands and knees. Nope, I have done all that and more, and my house smells like ASH. It smells like we are a bunch of smokers, and it is oh-so embarrassing. Any help/tips with this one? Our clothes smell, my CELL PHONE SMELLS and I cannot sleep because I can taste it in my mouth. So gross.

I also decided to take a week-long break from editing my husband’s dog training videos to de-clutter my house. No, I mean REALLY de-clutter my house. To like… bare minimum. I finished our bedroom, bathroom and closet and was completely grossed out by how much stuff we JUST DON’T NEED. And every time I put it in the to sell/donate bin, I thought, “Great Vanessa. You paid $39.99 for this and will now get 99 cents for it.” Not a great feeling. Then I did the same thing to Tyler’s office and moved what was left to his new office in a corner of our bedroom.

I hired my little brother and my sweet mother came over to move the girls’ bunk-beds downstairs to the empty room. My mom said she told me forever ago not to combine their room with the playroom. I don’t remember her saying that, but I bet she did and I ignored her!! And she was still sweet enough to come over and move them back downstairs. All the girls have is their beds, little clothing (got rid of a lot of that too), books and five stuffed animals. Wow, it is much more doable now. But now that dreaded old bedroom and playroom is waiting for me to go upstairs and work through it. Gah.

Friday I decided that Abby was going to skip school, Tyler was going to forget work and we were going to head down to UMNH & Estes downtown. A much needed break. I did kind of want to deck my husband when he decided to take a sales call (or two or three) while walking through the museum. Because I was not in the mood to rangle everyone through that place. Some days yes, this day no. But other than that, it was a very enjoyable family day. That night I did run away with some neighborhood ladies to a cute dessert place. It is fun getting to know new people!

I spent the weekend in my pjs scrubbing the house on my hands and knees… trying to get this smell out and clean this house! Abby was supposed to attend a birthday party. The little boy and mom are so sweet, and I trust them so much. Plus, she does amazing birthday parties. But for some reason I had a bad feeling in my gut all week long about Abby going. I pushed it out of my mind all week long because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But I couldn’t ignore it any longer and I sat Abby down to tell her that… I didn’t know why, but I didn’t feel good about her going to the party, that for some reason my mind was worried. She cried and cried, and I felt so horrible. So Tyler & I decided instead of date night to have a family party. We got random balloons, bought stuff for fondue and rented a fun movie to watch. She still is disappointed about missing the party but I feel like our relationship deepened. She listened to me and tried to understand, and I just held her and let her cry. We had a nice talk about the Holy Ghost and how we need to listen even when it is hard.

Let’s see. What else has happened this crazy week… so I have a new calling in church in the Primary presidency. I love the kids, I love the Primary and the women in the presidency. But oh my… the kids were just horrid today. I mean… all of us were just looking at each other like we wanted to run away. All of the sudden Cameron is terrified to go to class — I don’t get it! She never did this with nursery or Sunbeams but now she’s doing it as a CTR4. It is so odd. Hard hard day at church. I am just glad I didn’t have Sharing Time today, or I am pretty sure I would have bawled. I did, however, walk around all of church, my 1:00 pm meeting, 1:30 pm meeting and 2:00 pm meeting with a hole in the bum of my skirt. Right on my caboose… awesome. I was supposed to attend at 6:00 pm meeting but… I just can’t do it tonight.

My bum isn’t this big. I was sticking it out so you could SEE!! HA!

This was just the tip of the iceberg with this week… all I can say is that I am excited to start a new week this Monday.

What an odd “Things I Loved This Week” post for me — lots of text and only a couple pictures! It was an odd week.

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