Things I Loved

September 26th, 2011 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday, Life

Daddy having the best apps on his phone.

Buying the kids junk once in a blue moon. Junk that they really, really love.

Checking out what her new outfit is every time she walks down the stairs. Learning what her new name is for the day or what animal she is pretending to be. Pretty awesome imagination.

Showing respect to all of the victims by remembering.

Loving the city where we live, and the beautiful drives we can take just minutes from our home.

Going downtown for our most favorite waffles.

Watching one of my baby girls fall in love with my first baby —my Honey Bunny—for the 3rd time.

Going on an adventure drive and finding a wild horse facility that lets visitors come in!

Long talks and walks with grandpas.

Hikes with special visitors.

Having it be cool enough to wear SUPER SOFT FOOTSIE PJS! :)




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