Things I Loved When My Sister Was Here

March 18th, 2015 in About Me

One day each of us won’t have 2 year olds that get very stressed out in new environments. The screaming will stop and also the throwing themselves on the floor like a rag dolls will end. UNTIL THEN, we will not have the most relaxing visits.

I loved the free days full of fun. Bean Museum, $1 snack at Sodalicious, and impromptu talent shows on the lawn.

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My nephews are sweeties, once they warm up to me, I get loads of love. The girls were so excited they go to have their cousins in both of their primary classes.

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And our annual sibling night was a smashing success! We copied a game from one of our favorite TV shows. It included gobbling grapes, speed walking with a very full bladder, trivia questions, and smashing New Kids on the Block barbies. It is a very confusing game.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 5.09.17 PM

I was invited to Fashion Place Mall invited me out to the Lego Monuments Tour. Oh you guys the Legos! The Lego replicas of the White House, Statue of Liberty, Liberty Bell, + 9 other historic places are amazing. It is free to go to, very worth taking the time to see, but ends at Fashion Place Mall on the 22nd! Fashion Place Mall was so sweet to also allow me to bring my sister & her boys. They even gave her a very well put together gift bag. They took such great care of us, big thanks to them.


My girls were so excited to go, don’t they look adorable in these Statley Type tees?




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  • Rebecca
    March 22nd, 2015 at 12:40 am

    Such cute pictures!