Things I Loved This Winter

June 27th, 2016 in About Me

Chocolate Chip is our puppy that joined our family last summer. She is a new breed we are trying from Portugal’s Arroz Islands. Tyler had Shae name her, and she picked Chocolate Chip. At first we did not see her too much because she was with Tyler at the kennel and doing crate training at home. But now that she is obedient and house trained she is with us all the time. It is fun to see my girls with a puppy! I realized they have never had a puppy, and it is just too much fun. They really love her, play with her, and adore her! She does this thing they call “Chip-a-lanch” where is when Chip starts running in big circles as fast as she can. They all scream, start giggling, get on the couch and yell CHIPOOOOOLANCHE!!



For Valentines Day we celebrated a little bit…fancy dinners at home & getting chocolates for ourselves. Shae & Reagan loved picking out Valentines for their preschool classes. Cameron & Abby had a Valentine party with their book clubs and got to pass out Valentines then.

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Abby had her second and final ballroom competition. They waited all day long to dance two short dances. George has been such a fun and kind partner for Abby to have. Abby says it has been her very favorite dance class she has been in. She really likes that it is boys and girls and the unique dances they learn. The video of their competition is here



Shae & Reagan attend the cutest preschool of all time. They had a Dr. Suess week and got to dress up like a character! Let me tell you the blue paint we put in their hair took forever to take off.

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Cameron is such a creative girl, in ways I would never even think of. One day she composed piano pieces to do with the weather of each season. She titled them Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. When she played them for us it really did sound like the sounds of those seasons! After Abby heard her songs she composed some season songs of her own. I have a video, if I find it I would put it here


The girls participated in our ward talent show. And by participated I mean they really put a lot of time and effort into it. They decided they wanted to dance in the talent show. I put Abby in charge and she ran the show. Over Christmas break she decided on a song and wrote out the choreography. For the chorus of the song she had them dance together. But for all the verses she planned a short dance for each sister to do. Then she taught each of her sisters. She also picked out what costumes she wanted them to wear and I ordered them. For 6-8 weeks they practiced Tuesdays & Thursdays. For the last two weeks we rented out studio space so she could practice with them in front of a mirror. I was so proud of them! They did not act nervous at all at the talent show and were a big hit. Since I was in charge of the talent show I didn’t get to record their actual performance. This was one of their practice performances right before the show. Abby was playing around with her beginning moves in this clip. I’m sad I didn’t get the real performance because it was even more magical than this one. But this one was pretty good too, video is here


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The last big thing we did in the winter was get ready for the Daddy Daughter Pinewood Derby at our church. It was my idea, big hats and all, and someone else got put in charge of it. SO IT WAS PERFECT FOR ME, HAHA. Uncle Bryan helped them with their car designs & getting them done. Tyler took them to the event. And I….I BOUGHT THE HATS.

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