Things I Loved this Week—Kind of

February 7th, 2010 in About Me

There are no pictures, cause I am beat.

Cameron is NOT potty trained.  We are not working on it anymore. Her peeing on me during story time which led to losing my oldest daughter, who was terrified, in the library was just horrifying. -DEALBREAKER- Then she let a loose #2 go while I was reading her a story. -DEALBREAKER-

We all are showing the first signs of a sickness about to explode in our house.  Some of us have fevers, sore throats or are spilling our cookies. Tomorrow it shall be fun. Charlie and Lola will be playing all day long and I will be locking us all in one of our great rooms–I just know it.

It was almost 50 degrees today, 50! Until we all started feeling sick we spent the day outside.  It was fantastic. Until Cameron decided to jump face first into the huge mud pile in the corner of our yard. I took a picture in case one day I find it funny.  I don’t yet. It took me forever to scrub off our huge driveway and then she took a nice stroll around the driveway till I could catch her.

See? I’m beat.

P.S. I miss all my nieces.  Please come visit Aunt Vanessa when she is feeling better.

P.P.S. I miss all my brothers and sisters too.  Good thing I still have my baby brother around (who is on his FIRST FIRST DATE RIGHT NOW!!) Let’s go to the movies this week JB.


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