Things I Loved This Week (and last week and maybe last month)

April 8th, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

I love seeing the benefits of having children so close in age, on GOOD days these two play just as best friends should. This day I have no idea what play they were putting on but yesterday they put on their fedoras, capes on their backs and were super spies. Super spies that crawling along walls, snuck around corners and that I didn’t hear for almost two hours!

The girls having a Daddy that does very important things like fort setting up.

I have no idea why every single day I find this so funny. When I comb her hair I comb it so she looks like COUSIN IT!! I always scream, “AHHH COUSIN IT” and she cracks up like she knows what I am talking about. Time to get The Adams Family so she can really laugh at the joke.

Most days the girls have to wake up and get through their chore list first thing, I sometimes put random things on their lists like–Go outside and catch a raindrop on your tongue. They find it so funny every time.

My baby hates cameras, every time I pull one out she braces for the flash by either putting her hands over her face, or putting on this really odd smile or just closing her eyes all together. Doesn’t make for the best pictures but it is really cute in person.

How sometimes our FHE-ings end in…the house being covered in toilet paper??

Nephew Mason coming to visit! One night I was watching him and didn’t let any of my kids stay up so I could just hang out with only him after bedtime. We went grocery shopping together and the only thing he wanted from me was to fist pump and grunt. A totally different world–it was so refreshing to just have a kid that wanted something so simple from me!

Spring and switching the wreaths out.

What Spring days look like.

The random things my girls are curious about. Yellow snakes, what is a predator of a ladybug, working dogs, Abraham Lincoln, the branches of the government. And a Dad that explains everything and lets them watch fun videos about everything they ask about!

Wednesday afternoon camera lessons. I bought Abby an old school FILM camera from the 70’s for her birthday. Every Wednesday afternoon we have lessons and she can take 3 pictures. Cannot wait to develop her first roll of film.

Homemade marshmallows. It should happen at your house just once in a blue moon, you gotta.

At our house we love when catalogs come in the mail. My girls have been known to fall asleep with a catalog plastered on their forehead and still holding a pen that they had been using to circle fun things. Once in a long while I let them order something and pick it out all on their own. I let them pick out a warm weather dress (from TEA) all on their own, I think they did a wonderful job!

Good taste!

Last random thing. I do not enjoy how during this pregnancy every thing that has berries, citrus, even a tiny bit of lemon makes me for sure lose everything in my stomach. I miss you raspberry lemonade but for now you and I are enemies.

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