Things I Loved This Week

May 20th, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Ha ha I love when the dogs get what is coming to them, Shae dumping her cereal right on their heads.

I love her little baby hairs.

I really really love watching big sisters and little sisters.

I loved treating my Mom to a tea party for Mothers Day!

I love…well sometimes I love…Shae crawling around the house trying to find me. She says, “Mamamama” bangs on doors, looks under chairs. And then when she finds me, THAT SMILE! And look of relief!

I loved spending time with my sisters this week, Abby had it off of school because of Kindergarten testing. One day we got on our hiking gear (see above) and picked up my sister from her class at BYU. We went to lunch, hiked up around Squaw Peak, and playing in a toy store. My girls ADORE my sisters.

Also one day we headed to meet my other sister for another fun day, we met in the middle, in Ogden. Had a blast, expect for one thing, Cameron took a terrible fall at a museum. She was stepping over this play building block and fell. She fell in such a way that all the force and her weight and direction of the fall…went directly on her forehead. There was a large crack (from her head!) and someone ran over with ice packs. I think that I pushed all the fluid down to her eye. Or maybe she fell on her eye too??

This isn’t even the worst day, it was much more colorful and puffy before I finally took a picture of it. The girls were in a play this weekend and also had dance class pictures–great timing huh? But it was a bad fall and I was really worried about her so that night she slept with Tyler and I. I was worried about her having a head injury.

She slept like a baby, her Mom and Dad? Not so much.

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