Things I Loved This Week

March 10th, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Playing with all of Abby’s toys while she is away. And of course teaching Poki the evil witch laugh to use while playing with them cause big sister has no idea!!

Having fresh eggs every morning that makes quite a delicious breakfast for Big Poppi.

Having some warm days and hopefully many many more to come.

Big sisters that some of the times are extremely patient and helpful.

Letting her get jazz shoes, even though technically she doesn’t HAVE to have them. But all her friends did and she begged for them. And I gave in, whatever sue me. P.S. My husband loves when I use the word WHATEVER, it makes me sound super mature and intelligent.

Watching my girls every morning wake up and carry all of their “set up” stuff with them to the living room. Their eyes aren’t even all the way open, they are stumbling trying to walk half awake. But they have to get their set ups done every morning first thing and then they lie back down again.

Goofy kids. Yesterday we were in Target and she walked up to this HUGE, tattooed up, earring every where guy and said, “Guess what? I have a Dad” Then smiled and walked away.

Kids that can somewhat entertain themselves (if I blast Shakira or Selena from the computer) while I try to wait out morning sickness. It is a bear!

A hard working husband. He needs a break, I gotta get him to take one. But in exciting news we just received the first shipment of his DVD line to sell on his national dog training website. It is nice to see all the hard work in beautiful professional packaging.

Also, my house looks SOOO organized and clean in all the pictures, huh? 

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