Things I Loved This Week

February 5th, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Some weeks it is quite easy to write about the things I loved throughout the week. Actually most weeks it’s easy. But lately it has been a struggle and a helpful exercise to keep doing. I have been feeling so lonely and blah-ish, and I’ve just been struggling! I think, though, that when you spend two weeks stuck in your house because everyone is sick, it is pretty normal to feel like that. I mean, my goal for today is to make it to Home Depot to get a new trash can. No wonder I am feeling a bit down in the dumps! Ward temple night is tonight and I wanted to go so badly to see people, relax and become rejuvenated and talk to people at the social afterwards but… Shae is still really sick, so that is a no-go. Getting out to go help with kids with their baptisms today (4 kids turned 8 last month, it was a fun program!) and doing sharing time tomorrow will help me get out and about a bit. But I am just aching to go away for a mini weekend to somewhere simple. I think I need to start planning a visit to my sister.

And then I feel horrible for feeling this way because people do love me. Surprise visits from siblings bearing donuts, drop offs of soup & bread from sweet neighbors, texts from caring sisters and emails from my mom who is over in Europe. But boy oh boy, is it hard to have a good attitude when all you have been dealing with is sickies. I am ready for everyone to be better and soon.

But here we go; this is good for me to do this week. Things I Loved This Week:

I love that when all else fails, my cell phone keeps her from screaming in pain. To everyone that has been accidentally called, texted or hey-telled PARDON US. I also love that Shae now dances, says, “Hi Dada” and only nurses twice a day (cause I really am starting to need some space).

I love this girl — I love Abby so much. She is such a good helper and I feel like I will FOREVER be indebted to Heavenly Father for sending me such a sweet, helpful, loving, caring girl to be the oldest in our family.

I love this girl. I love that every darn time we watch Cupcake Wars on Food Network she talks me into making cupcakes!

I love my husband. That he is funny and makes me smile, that he doesn’t put up with my caca and that when he gets home at night all I want is just to hang out with him. Most nights people, MOST NIGHTS.

I love all my girlies in cute warm boots.

I love that my kids have a new hobby — LEGOS! They have girl legos now, and they are adorable. I love that they have spent HOURS at a time this week playing with them. They have been a lifesaver.

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