Things I Loved This Week

January 22nd, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Welp, my house still smells like ash. It is pretty awesome to explain to everyone who comes to my house and exclaims, “OH, WHAT IS THAT SMELL?” I am going to get the carpets cleaned this week and hope that helps. I thought it was getting better but Tyler just says I am getting used to the smell! This was a big oopsie-daisy.

Winter sunrises. We watch them out the back window while we eat breakfast. We love when they are PINK because this is a house full of girls after all.

I love always having a buddy.

Sunday dinners, Indian food themed. It’s Abby’s favorite!

I adore having a house full of girls and a mini-van always full of Abby’s friends screaming at the top of their lungs singing along to songs or giggling to each other.

Most importantly I was excited to find a KILLER cookie recipe that all of them helped me make — Carina’s recipe here for Caramel Biscoff Blossoms.

I like buying my girls new cute outfits a little TOO much. Hey, but she needed some jeans that were soft and had no “metal” on them which drives her bonkers. And that owl shirt — how could you not get that for Poki?

I love that the first thing she does when she is ready for bed is grab that bunny. She keeps it smushed to her face all the night long.

Afternoons spent crafting.

Visiting the Bean Museum. I think my kids might like it better than the zoo.

3 Little gals in curlers watching late night cartoons with Mama.

Sisters that are friends.

My kitchen counter. So much happens here. I love how huge it is and how everyone can gather round and help me out!

Listening to these two cousins chat it up for almost two hours while working on their projects. Cracks me up every time. Cameron at the end of the day proclaimed it, “THE BEST DAY EVER WITH LYDI!!”

A husband that cooks — and cooks way too well. Also, date nights to the temple with Big Poppi and grandparents that babysit for FREE FOR TEMPLE NIGHTS!!

Poor baby. I don’t love that she was so horrible when my sister-in-law watched her last night. Or that it was all in vain — we couldn’t even make it up I-80 (because of the snowstorm) to the event and private screening for Robot & Frank at Sundance.  I have heard nothing but good things about the film. But we did go out to dinner with friends, although someone around me somewhere last night was terribly sick. Because this morning I landed myself in Instacare. I am one sick puppy, and now I am going to try to go back to bed.



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