Things I Loved This Week

August 14th, 2011 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Starting the day off with a healthy breakfast always leads to less sweet snaking and more energy. Fresh eggs from the chickens, farmers market cherries (the good ones) and fresh ground PB with a couple of chocolate chips on some grain bread.

Letting Shae sleep with my baby blanket. Then when she wakes up early, I have an excuse to sleep with it again and with Baby Girl until everyone else wakes up.

Pet Shoppe Town Village Meetings every morning in the hula hoop. When I was in charge of town meeting I announced that a horrible big baby was coming to start slobbering all over them. Then I proceeded to pick up a pet shop and put it in Shae’s mouth. Cameron and Abby did NOT find that funny and starting bursting into tears…REAL TEARS.

Payback. But in a sweet way. Let me explain. I am the oldest cousin on both of my parents’ sides by quite a few years. Which means I was always the cousin that had little kids crawling all over me wanting attention and wanting to hold my hand and have me talk to them. Oh, and I did it. And I was patient and I made them all feel special. And now my girls do it to their sweet older cousins (and my young cousins too) and they are just as patient and sweet as I was back in the day.

Big Poppi making his famous pancakes (oh yes, yes they are, and you should be sad that you have not had them yet) for family. And for successfully feeding 15 people in my kitchen. We had family in town from Georgia and had a blast with cousins we had never met before. Boy, we miss them already!

Family Home Evenings that actually go well. We do FHE on Sunday nights because I always know Tyler for sure won’t be working that day. And Sundays are hard for me. At the end of that day I am ready to run away from everyone. By that point, Tyler and I are giving each other the evil eye, trying not to snap at each other. And after spending 3 hours in church, the girls have no desire to sit still for anyone. But I take a deep breath and bust out the FHE stuff and you know what? Every week, whether the girls sit still or not, this helps to calm me and get me through the end of Sunday.

Having a successful (last year did not go well) lemonade stand. Let me tell you my little secret. I printed out fake money and put them on my friends’/neighbors’ doors. Then I just texted them all with the time we were doing the lemonade stand and told them their kids could bring the fake money to buy something with it. Best. Idea. Ever. If I do say so myself.

Having a spur of the moment fun day and inviting my niece to come along. Cake pops, clay necklace making and splash pad playing.

Spending a morning with a friend I know I’ll have a ball with.

Having a special toy the whole summer. Poki is the only one who can touch this plastic duck!

Having a night be a complete disaster but having the kids not really know the difference. That they can have fun anywhere, even in a Maceys parking lot jamming to Selena Gomez.

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