Things I Loved This Week

June 12th, 2011 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Bubble Baths with Baby. How could you not love that? We belt out In the Leafy Treetops and Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime.

Morning Chores. This little girl was out catching the chickens and the other one was inside sitting on the counter making our smoothies. It feels nice to work together…sometimes. SOMETIMES, that is.

Being invited to Harmons to meet Bob & Randy and learn that these ingredients makes a very, very yummy punch.

Having nice weather WEAR US OUT. Playing hard makes for tired kids. Which THIS mama LOVES.

Taking my brothers out to eat and making them hold my kids so *I* had a very yummy HOT lunch.

Bringing cupcakes to a very fun neighborhood BBQ instead of attending the gala for the Best of State.

But a big congrats to my husband who won!!

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