Things I Loved This Week

May 29th, 2011 in Beauty in Everyday, Life

Cuddlebugs. I have two Daddy girls and I have to be honest I love that this baby wants her Mama and only her Mama. Cuddlebuggin with her is the absolute best thing.

Abby playing Edeliwess in the Alice in Wonderland play. She remembered all her lines, timed them perfectly AND was brave enough to do the “actions” along with her lines. It was like she didn’t even KNOW there was an option to be nervous. I watched her bow wth her head thrown back and grin from ear to ear when they clapped at the end and thought, “Oh boy we are in TROUBLE” this kid loves the spotlight.

Having the weather nice enough so Grilled Pizza Sundays are BAAACK! Boy we missed them.

Two little girls that have to take their “DIVA Puppies” everywhere…even on muddy hikes through the woods.

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