Things I Loved This Week

May 1st, 2011 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Investigator Abby meeting Spy Chihuahua. They play this all day long and these are the official costumes. They go on cases together…it’s a pretty happening place over here with these two.

I walked into church (yes, why was I going to church already…I don’t know…I lost my mind that day for 42 minutes and ran back home to the baby) and my friend said the girls looked like Easter peeps! They did. I had two beautiful Easter peeps this past Easter!

Not letting our pet turtle die a horrible death. Listen, Ty gave this turtle to the girls for Christmas. I hate it. It sits in my office. The new fake rock they bought for his tank almost killed him (long story) and even though I hate the thing I saved it. I might have considered letting it die for a moment (or two or three).

Family nap time. Have I mentioned this: if you have my cell number, you aren’t allowed to call it anymore from 1pm to 3pm? I love you, but please don’t.

My 4 month old nephew trying to eat my baby’s head. That was awesome.

Only being able to do ONE thing for Easter this year (dyeing Easter eggs)…and it completely wore me out…and I even had my sister there helping me.

Having every picture of her with her eyes open look like this…one eye open in a weird way, the other wide open…oh but she still is a cutie :)

And THOSE are the things I Loved This Week.

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