Things I Loved This Past Month

April 8th, 2013 in About Me

(Note: obviously I now know that she is too big and wiggly to be in this alone and on a table in her bouncy chair)

I love that…I love that I love her. That I love her when she screams, when she doesn’t sleep, when she won’t calm down. I am glad I have a lot of love for her, because she is a toughie.

I love that we are making friends. Slower than I would like, but it is happening. We live in a little town outside of the town and in a section of this town with no kids around. We love the house so it is a trade up I am willing to give. But it just makes it a bit trickier. But you know what? Things are still moving along and progressing. Which makes me smile to see.

I love coming outside to find real life Lamanites/Nephities in my front yard! All the trees, bushes, and flowers get put to good use by these four girlies.

I love holding my babies, I love them cuddled up against me. Lately I have been worried that this stage of my life is going to go away too fast. I don’t want it to.

I really love babies in sun hats.

I adore the sound of macaws flying overhead. It is a very loud distinctive sounding squawk. And if you look up you always see them. This day there were 8-10 of them just soaring above my head. So beautiful, I adore these birds.

I love that Abby has a new hobby that fulfills her. She tells me sewing calms her down, gives her a break from her sister, and makes her feel good. This was her first sewing project, a little pillow with some embroidery on it.

I really love how much the little girls look up to the big girls. How they smile at them, reach for them, and try to be like them.

I love how relaxing in the pool hasn’t got old yet. How could it?

I love this firecracker, this is her in a new dress she got the other day.

We all love waking up to monkeys jumping in the trees behind our house. They are such fun to watch and it is one of Tyler’s favorite things.

Pura Vida friends!

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