things I loved this past little while…

April 29th, 2013 in About Me

How I miss having a camera! I did catch a little bit of moments on my TAB….

When the girls went off to their first day of school I noticed something was really wrong with Shae. After a couple of hours of her acting really odd, Tyler took her to the doctor. He came back with medications and informed me she was sick from the “red tide.” You are supposed to stay away from the beach the first week and last week of the rainy season. You should google red tide, such an odd thing. Good thing was Shae was better in no time.

Abby got her hair chopped off. She has been asking and asking for this. She also has been begging to get her ears pierced, so we finally told her when she turns eight, it is time.

I loved this time out. I drove myself to a grocery store and bought a bottle of sparkling JUICE (juice, juice, juice, juice) and chocolate nuts. And I sat on the edge of a cliff over looking the ocean and relaxed away. It probably did not look like a bottle of juice to passers.

I love that she is getting happier day by day by day. Some days are setbacks but overall she is improving. And crawling! And somewhat sitting, and has six teeth.

I love date nights with Big Pops.

I love hanging out with this chick. She is easy to please and goes with the flow. All she asks for is cookies all day. And then when you tell her no she points her finger at you and screams, “NOOOOoooooooOOoooo” in a really low scary voice.

I love overcast Costa Rica days, the rainy season out here aint too shabby.

Whenever we come back home and I get settled in I am going to get to cooking. I want to invite people over and give them some good Tico Soda food.

I love peeking out the window in the morning to check on my husband. He always looks so peaceful out there reading, watching the monkeys, or the macaws. Or sitting with one of his girls or just with his dogs. I love seeing him so happy and peaceful.


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