Things I Loved This Month

May 10th, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday

Update: Thanks for all the messages—the picture below, the treats are from Hagerman’s—locations in Draper & downtown SLC. Their “Fancy Lady” breakfast sandwich & Roast Beef A La Chris for lunch…Mmmmmm.

Living at least 30 minutes away from a really good bakery, so I don’t get in trouble like this very often.

The girls loved spending time with Grandma Brown, talking her ear off!

Abby being a patient, easy going, oldest cousin/friend/sister it seems like almost all of the time!

Sweet nieces that are always happy to say hello!! So sweet this one.

Date night “in” Tyler made our favorite appetizers: his being buffalo wings and mine being potato skins. Both Pioneer Woman recipes (can you see her two cookbooks sitting out on the counter?)

How many books she goes through before she finally falls to sleep.

Ok I am not loving this….LET SOMEONE ELSE HOLD YOU SHAE!! Mama needs to fix this soon.

Goodbye kisses to JB.

Getting her to finally like bath time, it took awhile!

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