Things I Loved This Month

December 7th, 2012 in Beauty in Everyday

A month, we have been living in Costa Rica for a little over a month now. I feel like we are finally settling in since we moved to the new house. My life is completely different over here and I am in love with it.

Pura Vida.

Sweet Shae’s hair is curly out here, beautiful ringlets.

Shae walking; she started a little less than two weeks after we arrived. She walks all around the place, such a relief that she finally is walking.

The beach, the jungle backdrop, and the steam clouds when it is sticky–makes for beautiful scenery.

Doing everything cheaper. Long gone are the days that I drive to the craft store and spend way too much mula on supplies. Cheap crafts and basic crafts are just as fun.

Fresh fruit smoothies every morning. Each week we buy a papaya, 6 mangos, 10 bananas, and 2-3 pineapple. When I get home I cut them all up and every morning whip up smoothies for everyone.

Jumping into the pool to cool down; best feeling out here.

Spotting the wildlife; monkeys playing in the trees, scarlet macaws flying through the air, and the brightly colored iguanas in the middle of the road.

The girls fascination with nature; spider web designs are their favorite.

More time for yoga. Now how long till I get to have a yoga/surfer body like all the ladies out here have? Wish I could speed up that process.

Collecting seashells, we have bags and bags.

Learning to cook differently and having Tyler cook dinner every night. We both help out with breakfast and lunch, he bakes the bread for the week, and makes the marinara sauce. I get all the fruit ready, make a huge bowl of salsa for the week, and the kids snacks for the week. Tyler does the dishes and I deep clean the kitchen. It is nice to have someone around to split the work with!

Cameron’s magic touch with the babies! She knows how to calm them, talk to them, stroke their face here, put the binkie in this way, give Shae this to make her happy. It is a science and she has it down!

The sound of the ocean nearly everywhere we go.

Abby’s love for the beach.

The little dog houses out here.

Tide pool gems.

All the stunning plants.

Pretty blue eyes and big smiles from all my family (except for Abby who has hazel eyes). How did I, a brown eyed Mama, have 4 girls with these bright eyes?

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